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1.We can’t afford to fall (behind) our competitors in using new technology.

2.Every day the manager has to accout to the chairman (for) how he spend the company’s money.

3.He cannot go without wine even for one day;he is a complete slave (to) drink.

4.When the car broke down on the highway for a third time,John’s patience completely ran( out).

5.The chairman of the group suggested that as far as Mr.Palmer’s work is concerned,he’s worthy (of )a big pay rise.

6.What one thinks and feels is,in the eyes of social scientists,mainly due (to ) tradition,habit and education.

7.It is a real honor to have the opportunity of meeting the well-known scientist (in) person.

8.Have you read a newspaper report probing (into) the activities of drug dealers.

9.The soldiers showed great joy and satisfaction after winning the final triumph (over) their enemies.

10.How can you feel safe when it is reported that so many murders happened (in) broad daylight.

11.If you give (in),it means you admit being defeated.

12.After hearing his joke,I was laughing so hard I couldn’t keep myself (from) crying.

13.The government has brought all newspaper (under) its control.

14.Channel 5 faces so many technical and financial difficulties that it will be lucky to get (on) the air at all.

15.I marked (down) the pronunciations for the new words clearly in my notebook so that I could practice them again and again after class.

16.Watch (for) the tall man over there,He may be the one who stole the diamond.  


Unit 1

1.(press) All the men were under heavy (pressure) working day and night.

2.(rest) The man was very worried about the safety of his son,so he (restlessly) walked about the room.

3.(leisure) The young industrial engineer did everything in a (leisurely) way.

4.(surround) How my teacher could teach any youngster in such (surroundings) is a complete mystery to me.

5.(competence) Do you think you’d be (competent) to criticize the action taken by your colleagues?

6.(increase) The situation in that area has become (increasingly) serious in the last few weeks.

7.(skill) (Skillful)student performance depends on careful teaching planning.

8.(arrive) John Read, a recent (arrival) to the United States,was an altogether more effective man.

9.(open) The book’s (opening) is dull,but the last sections are interesting.

10.(pass) In my opinion,their friendship has survived the (passage) of time.

Unit 2

1.(globe) More and more people are turning their attention to (global) environmental problems now.

2.(diverse) Her brother has a great (diversity) of interest;he likes sports,travel,photography,and making radio sets.

3.(extend) Those foreigners enjoy making (extensive) friendly contacts with the Chinese people.

4.(colony) The first English attempt to (colonize) North American was controlled by individuals rather than companies.

5.(explosively) Because of the (explosive) population growth in some countries,people must produce more food.

6.(observe) Many of the great writer’s friends were also sharp (observers) of life.

7.(strong) The activities help to greatly (strengthen) the ties among the club members.

8.(major) He think the time has come to improve the conditions of the (majority) of the people.

9.(industry) Some people agree that it is necessary to (industrialize) the agricultural region as soon as possible.

10.(remove) I am going to do all I can to result in the (removal) of the unpleasant impression you have on me.

Unit 3

1.(tolerate) If you take a drug regularly,your body slowly acquires a (tolerance) of it.

2.(hatred) He (hated) them because they made him feel insecure.

3.(compatible) The partners were too (incompatible) to stay in business together.

4.(expect) Those who drop out of school lower their (expectation) of success.

5.(resist) By determined attacks they broke down the enemy’s (resistance).

6.(charming) He was so angry that he did not notice the (charm) of the beautiful countryside.

7.(indicate) She gave no (indication) as to where the various elements for tea were to be found.

8.(racial) The court’s majority held that the University of California’s medical school went too far in considering (race).

9.(subsequently) We made plans for a visit,but (subsequent) difficulties with the car prevented it.

10.(suspect) Nothing could be proved against him,but he always remained under (suspicion).

Unit 4

1.(depart) There are notice showing arrivals and (departures) of trains near the booking-office.

2.(deduct) A (deduction) of seventy-five pence was made from the price realized,to cover expenses.

3.(dental) Our (dentist) does not hurt when he pulls out teach.

4.(suggest) Presently he made the (suggestion) that they carry on their conversation in French.

5.(fluent) As I mentioned above,certain traditional language teaching exercises promote (fluency) in communication.

6.(specify) Mary made careful (specification) as to the kinds of cake and candy for her party.

7.(conductor) Whether right or wrong,he was ideas about how the lessons should be (conducted).

8.(regulation) Can you (regulate) this watch so that it keeps time precisely?

9.(commander) He remarked that I had a great (command) of the English language.

10.(host) Last night we were (hosts) to a few friends.

Unit 5

1.(notice) His clothes were simple and (unnoticeable).

2.(advertise) He decided to go and look at some (advertisements) for jobs.

3.(hard) Life in the mountains (hardened) me until I felt no fear or weakness in mind or body.

4.(fashion) It’s (fashionable) to go to the seaside for your holiday.

5.(use) We tried all sorts of medicine but they were all (useless).

6.(poison) Some plants have (poisonous) roots or fruit,so you must be very careful before you eat the fruit in the forest.

7.(usual) It was not (unusual) for him to come home at six or seven in the morning when he was on duty at night.

8.(world) He was several years older than his brother,(worldly) and independent.

9.(help) She repeated his name (helplessly),too shocked to say more.

10.(weak) Lack of food (weakened) his strength.

Unit 8

1.(special) He (specialized) first in painting birds and later in writing about them.

2.(week) The most recent issue of this (weekly) magazine is full of stories about the newly-elected president.

3.(residence) The local (residents) are very angry at the lack of parking spaces in the neighborhood.

4.(occupy) Since she was laid off from her work last May,she has accepted a poorly paid (occupation) because she has to support a family.

5.(formal) This is a(n) (informal) party.Please feel free and enjoy yourself.

6.(art) Because of the painting’s (artistic) value,many people tried their best to sell it at a higher price.

7.(human) He has showed great interest in studying the (humanities) since his youth.

8.(prefer) We could take a later flight if it would be (preferable).

9.(wise) People often gain (wisdom) with age.

10.(enroll) (Enrollment) figures for next year are now available.Log on to the Internet and you will get further information.

Unit 10

1.(bomb) (Bombers) are military airplanes designed to drop bombs on surface targets.

2.(survive) In some of the larger animals in nature,the existing evidence points to a similar (survival) pattern.

3.(invade) Though the (invaders) entered this region and raided several areas south of the Yangtze,they found the weather there too warm and damp for them.

4.(hand) The addition of the East Building to the National Gallery of Art has provided Washington with opportunities enjoyed by only a (handful) of U.S. cities.

5.(commute) Railroads and multi-lane freeways carry hundreds of thousands of (commuters) daily to and from the suburbs.

6.(resolve) The General Assembly in 1957 adopted a (resolution) to set up a fund to provide assistance in fields essential to the technical,economic,and social development of less-developed countries.

7.(exhaust) Cutting down all the trees,air pollution,and the (exhaustion) of natural resources will bring far-reaching and devastating social and environmental consequences.

8.(wreck) At the end of each period when a settlement was destroyed,the survivors, rather than clear the (wreckage) down to the floors,merely built new houses upon.

9.(decent) His honesty and (decency),rather than physical strength,provided the impetus for his heroism.

10.(hero) The mature form of writing (heroic) poems is called the epic;two such epics are Iliad and Odyssey.


Unit 1


In the eyes of many people,Picasso’s paintings would seem rather foolish.


The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.


The man told his wife to keep the medicine on the top shelf so that it would be beyond the children’s reach.


Happiness doesn’t always go with money.


The car has given me nothing but trouble ever since I bought it.

Unit 2


Since the beginning of this summer,Haier has waged a massive ad campaign to promote its air-conditioner sales.


Mary’s parents frown on the idea of her going to America ,so it remains to be seen whether she will realize her dream.


Rose knows that continuous letters from John,together with countless roses, are aimed at winning her heart.


Through sponsoring the growing of fruit trees to regenerate waste land, the government succeeded in improving the ecological environment.       


The government has undertake a series of new environmental initiatives.As a result,many parks and green belts have sprung up all over the country.

Unit 3


Life is full of ups and downs.


I knew all along that he would graduate with distinction.


The working staff had some reservations about the truth of the claim.


The local government will not hesitate to take the severest measures against criminals.


He tried to buy time by doing a lot of talking.

Unit 4


For most parents,the decision to send children abroad for study is made after careful thinking.They’ll try to have everything worked out before their children leave. 


Jack has only been working for three month,so for lack of experience,he’ll have difficulty finishing the task alone.


As long as you specify what we are expected to do,we’ll try our best to help you get everything ready.


Susan had thought she would adapt to lift there soon,but she found later things weren’t so easy,and she began to feel homesick. 


Tension descend on these children when it was time for departure,since they didn’t know whether they could adapt to the life without parents.

Unit 5


My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for keys. 


Nothing more was heard from him,so that we began to wonder if he was sill alive.


It’s not unusual for the scientists to go to bed at two or three in the morning.


The old man bent down and picked up the book from the floor.


Learning her head on her husband’s shoulder,Rebecca began to cry.

Unit 8


As well as some advice,he gave me a certain amount of money to start a small business.So new I want to render help to others with the money I’ve accumulated.  


According to an informal poll,most people hope the working hours will be reduced,because they’ve realized that there is a lot more to life than a job.


These artists devoted all their lives to art,and made great contributions to the artistic field.


At the weekly meeting,everyone must confine their remarks to the subject.


If only I hadn’t said those silly words!I was too young to distinguish right from wrong.

Unit 10


People dressed themselves decently and flocked to the square for the celebration.


The handful of soldiers fought bravely against the enemies and died heroic deaths.


In the accident, over three hundred people were buried underneath the wreckage waiting to be rescued.


She endured all kinds of handships on the journey;nothing could keep her from finding her lost daughter.


Don’t get mixed up with that gang, they have committed many committed many crimes in broad daylight.


Unit 1

1.This attitude results in a nation of people committed to researching,experimenting and exploring.


2.They will miss the ritual interaction that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee that may be a convention in their own country.


3.Since we generally assess and probe professionally rather than socially,we start talking business very quickly.


4.TO us the impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the significance of the matter at hand.


5.Unless a certain amount of time is allowed to elapse,it seems in their eyes as if the task being considered were insignificant,not worthy of proper respect.


Unit 2

1.But in recent years,as environmental damage has increased,signs of change have sprung up in various pockets around the world.


2.But a series of new environmental laws,together with the creation of parks and nature preserves that cover one quarter of the country,are aimed at protecting Costa Rica’s remaining forests.


3.The government promises it will protect the region’s native people,but questions remain as to its true level of commitment.


4.This explosive growth has led to removal of forests in much of the country,and excessive use of existing farmland.


5.In recent years,the government has waged a massive ad campaign to encourage birth control,offering inducements such as free trips to Mecca,the birthplace of Islam in Saudi Arabia.


Unit 3

1.During our two years together we had experienced the usual ups and downs of a couple learning to know,understand,and respect each other.


2.That point was emphasized by the fact that Gail’s parents,after thirty-five years of marriage,were going through a bitter and painful divorce,which had destroyed Gail and for a time had a negative effect on our budding relationship.


3.It was all so new,all so exciting,and we both thought,on the surface at least,that ours was an ideal marriage with every indication that it would last forever.


4.And when he learned of my problems with the Citizenship department,he immediately suspected that I was marrying his daughter in order to remain in the United States.


5.In fact,he made it very clear when we were discussing marriage that if I had any doubts about anything,I should not hesitate to cancel our plans.


Unit 4

1.All of them go to the U.S. for the same reason—to become fluent in English,complete high school,and understand everything they can about the American way of life.


2.For the majority of the students,the decision to study abroad is taken only after a period of at least six months of careful planning.


3.“For me,”says seventeen-year-old Gloria Marcato,“it’s more important to learn to speak English and to live through this experience than it is to receive a certificate from the American government.”


4.Even young students who plan on staying in the Unit States just long enough to finish two semesters of high school have difficulty finding a host family.Very few arrive in the county with all the details worked out.


5.Another moment of tension descends while students await the domestic flight that will take them to their temporary home in America.From then on it’s everyone for himself.


Unit 5

1.While she is doing her homework,her feet on the bench in front of her and her calculator clicking out answers to her geometry problems,I am looking at the half-empty package of Camels tossed carelessly close at hand.


2.I remember the bright-red tobacco tin,with a picture of Queen Victoria’s partner,Prince Albert,dressed in a black dress coat and carrying a cane.


3.The tobacco industry,coupled with Hollywood movies in which both male and female heroes smoked like chimneys,completely won over people llike my father,who were hopelessly hooked by cigarettes.


4.…over time,people starve themselves of both food and air,effectively weakening and hooking their children,eventually killing themselves.


5.Smoking is a form of self-battering that also batters those who must sit by,occasionally joke or complain,and helplessly watch.


Unit 8

1.The survey revealed what I had already suspected from informal polls of students both in Macon and at the Robins Resident Center:if it (whatever it may be) won’t compute and you can’t drink it,smoke it or spend it,then“it”holds little value.


2.Interest in teaching,social service and the humanities is at a low,along with ethnic and women’s studies.On the other hand,enrollment in business programs,engineering and computer science is way up.


3.But why can’t we have it both ways?Can’t we educate people for life as well as for a career?


4.This is where age and maturity enter.Most people,somewhere between the ages of 30 and 50,finally arrive at the inevitable conclusion that they were meant to do more than serve a corporation,a government agency,or whatever.


5.Let’s hope our educators answer students’ cries for career education,but at the same time let’s ensure that students are prepared for day when they realize their shortsightedness.


Unit 10

1.Night after night,in the hot summer and early fall of 1940,a deep,steady voice came over the Atlantic Ocean from English to America,telling of England’s battle for survival under the waves of German bomber.


2.His voice had a tone of sorrow for the suffering of that ancient city,and a tone of confidence,too-a felling of belief that London would be there,no matter what it had to endure.


3.The hardships of London really started in the first week of September,when Hitler was at last convinced that the English did not intend to give in.


4.Radar sirens wailed,ambulances rushed from one place of agony to another,and fire fighters faced the flames hour after hour.


5.Murrow knew that Britain’s fate depended upon the resolution of the people in the shops and streets,the men in the pubs,the housewives,those watching for fire on the roofs,the people who had a thousand difficult and painful things to do.


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